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Soc 140 Lec Oct 16

Soc 140 Lec Oct 16 - Soc 140 Lecture Send Susie notes...

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Soc 140 Lecture – October 16, 2004 Send Susie notes [email protected] The State of the Global South - BA model - Mediations - Nation - Citizenship - Lo popular - Contradictions - Lack of Mediations - Denationalization Ideology - Definitions - How Reproduced - O’Donnell was concerned with the authoritarian regimes that came into power in the 70s. Argued that there was a close relationship between the economic develop and the authoritarian regimes there. As they moved from the easy stage of industrialization and toward heavy industrialization, a shift became necessary, from populist politics to authoritarian politics. Because heavy industrialization required mass investments. o The actors in this regime were high level technocrats who were in close association with foreign capital. These technocrats had little tolerance for the ongoing political and economic crisis. Technocrats - especially economists and high level military leaders - They were not a group inclined to look to society for solutions to these countries’ problems. Instead the technocrats believed that they and they alone held the answers for these countries developmental and political crises. Public policy under the bureaucratic authoritarian regimes was first and foremost concerned with promoting advanced industrialization or furthering capital accumulation. O’Donnell’s Analysis - O’Donnell wrote his first piece on this in 1973. In 1979 he goes back to focus on the weaknesses within them. He found that several contradictions had arisen for them after being in power for some time. o These contradictions stand from the extraordinary difficulties of consolidating power or a system of domination, the regimes could not conceal the fact that they were based on coercion. They also could not conceal the fact that their most important supporters were a spectrum of society far more narrow within the societies that they claimed to be serving.
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Mediations - O’Donnell introduces several mediations, or elements of the dominant ideology which he argues served to conceal the role of the state as the guarantor of domination within most societies. o These mediations exist in all societies and they operate so that consensus can be achieved within society about the role of the state within society. o We might think of these mediations as the ideas that the state uses to legitimate its existence as well as the existence of the capitalist system as a whole. o The first of these is the concept of the nation The concept of the nation is the principle one used by the state He means that it is the collective identity that is assumed within society that leads to a definition of “we” that is distinct of the “they” of other notions.
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Soc 140 Lec Oct 16 - Soc 140 Lecture Send Susie notes...

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