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Soc 140 Lec Oct 25 - Soc 140 Lec Oct 25 2007 Ideology Role...

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Soc 140 Lec Oct. 25, 2007 Ideology Role of Media in its Reproduction? Media and Hegemony Ritualized and New Story Format Reformist Tone Types of political activity Voting  social movements Problem of nonvoting Explanations More social psychological (Lipset?) The ways in which ideology is reproduced - Gitlin argues that the news media is one of the most important systems. The arena in which it is created, within corporations, its nature is as an economic activity. The media is not simply a neutral body without any ties to the prevailing social structure, its firmly embedded in it. Gitlin says that a number of mechanisms enable ideology to ___ 1. the routines of journalism, media frames, the principles of selection, persistent patterns of cognition - Gitlin argues that the media help to set the agenda for political discourse. They represent a significant force in informing and delimiting public assumptions, attitudes, moods, and questions. As a consequence they are central to the continuation of the established order. - Gitlin’s conception of the role of the media stems from his larger conception of hegemony. He takes this conception from the work of Antonio Gramsci. This conception of hegemony has as its essence the unification of persuasion from above with consent from below. Hegemony is what makes it possible for exploitative relations of productions
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Soc 140 Lec Oct 25 - Soc 140 Lec Oct 25 2007 Ideology Role...

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