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Soc 140 Lec sept 13 - Soc 140 Lec Theories of Society and...

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Soc 140 Lec. Sept 13, 2007 Theories of Society and the State Weber Bureaucracies Increasing class Differentiation Philips - states cover larger and larger areas as capitalism expands - Lenin argued that the state is a product or expression of class antagonism, it exists in order to ameliorate them. State emerged in order to control society, along with classes. State is the apparatus used by the upper class to maintain control. - States will exist as long as there are different classes in a society - Weber speaks of classes as being determined by the possession of goods and opportunities and these determine one’s chance. - Relational view of class - Weber does not believe that classes existed prior to capitalism, because there was no significant labor market. Does address the question on slaves. “slaves are not a class, they are a status group.” - In addition, the idea of exploitation is not inherent within Weber’s conception of class. - Class is only one of a number of determinants in politics. - Weber becomes concerned with the formation of bureaucracies. - The issue of bureaucracies causes him to be quite worried about freedom; might limit freedom. - For Weber, bureaucracies only reach their full development/realization in a capitalist market economy, even though they started to emerge as soon as the middle ages. - They entail the adoption of fixed and __ , they firmly order the system of super and subprdmatopm, they are oriented by written documents, they assume expert training, they demand the full working capacities of the individual, function under general rules. - Weber is listing characteristics of democracies, for modern democracy based on what happened eerily. -
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Soc 140 Lec sept 13 - Soc 140 Lec Theories of Society and...

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