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Soc 140 Lec Oct 2 - Soc 140 Lec Oct 2 2007 Theories of the...

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Soc 140 Lec Oct. 2, 2007 Theories of the State Power Elite Perspective Policy Formation Network Policy Discussion Groups Foundations Think Tanks University Research Institutes Structuralist and Marxist Assess Impact of the state on the Relations of Production Offe - Domhoff argues that the upper class governs. He acknowledges that there are separate segments who make up the ruling class. They share an overarching concern of maintaining the system of private property. The upper class feels a direct involvement in governing to be necessary in order to reduce uncertainties that always exist in the economic climate. A revolving door exists that sends people back and forth between the corporations and government. - The Wagner Act - Domhoff shows that there are indeed separate segments among the ruling class, and the working class is not simply an unorganized mass of workings - According to Domhoff, one of the key ways the power elites influences the policy making process is through a network of organizations that look into crucial policy issues and develop responses for them. The policy discussion groups, the foundations, think tanks, and university research centers form these networks. - Leaders reacted to large scale changes by creating a new discussion organization called the Trilateral Commission – goal – to develop closer political and economic relations among nations During the 1970s. - Committee for Economic Development – founded to help plan for post WWII, and the world at large during this period. The corporate leaders who were instrumental in setting it up and had two major concerns at that moment in time, there might be another Depression following this time period, they were also concerned that if businessmen did not present their own economic plans, other sectors of society might step in and present plans that might not be favored by the business community. Thought the business community should come out and lead to make sure their policies are in place. They work through study groups aided by academic experts. The study groups have considered every conceivable issue, but the greatest emphasis is on economic issues (both domestic and international). The most ambitious goals of this committee has been founded by
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Soc 140 Lec Oct 2 - Soc 140 Lec Oct 2 2007 Theories of the...

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