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Soc 140 Lec Oct. 9, 2007 Recap: - Therborn and Offe found that the capitalist state is characterized by several contradictory elements. It is the course and requirements of capital accumulation that really control the actions of the state. The stat’s purpose is to guard the general interest of all classes through capital exchange relationships. Concretely the state utilizes incentives, compulsory schemes etc. in order to ensure that - According to Block a capital state is dependent on the maintenance of economic activity. He argues that the state will tend to do all that’s within its power to facilitate and continue private investment. - What might happen if the state consistently acts against the interests of the capitalist class? Block looks at the history of several regimes that sought to look for significant reform. Through Block s analysis, we can see that it is only a matter of time before a regime that acts consistently against the capitalist class will be overthrown. In a capitalist society where capitalist relations of production prevail, the need to maintain an adequate level of business confidence will ultimately set limits on what the state can do. - Because state managers are so dependent on the workings of the investment and accumulation process, it is natural that they will do whatever they can, use whatever resources are available to aid that process. But class struggle can come into play and push state managers in unexpected directions. - Class struggle can do two things: o 1. Push forward capitalist relations of production by speeding up the development and productive forces (ex. The employment of different types of machinery, increasing reliance on machinery.) o 2. Class struggle can lead to some amelioration of the living and working conditions. (Ex. The 8 hour day, The legal obligation to have the work day be limited to 8 hours.) - Interestingly, in its struggle to protect itself, the working class has played a key role in the
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Soc 140 Lec Oct 9 - Soc 140 Lec Oct. 9, 2007 Recap: -...

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