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Soc140 Lec23 11-13

Soc140 Lec23 11-13 - Soc140 Lec23 11-13 Social Movement...

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Soc140 Lec23 11-13 Social Movement Participation Terrorism and Terrorist Movements o Unconventional groups that have varying degrees of formal organization and attempt to produce or prevent radical or reformist types of change o Mass society theory sees terrorist movements as being composed of socially excluded individuals o Most recent research into the personalities of those that participate in terrorist movements has concluded that they are strikingly normal people. This goes against what previous theorists have argued. However, looking at the micro level is still important because research has pointed out that the decision of individuals to become members of clandestine organizations is not an individual one. o Theoretical Levels of Analysis o Meso (The Group) These groups of friends make the role of politics much more important in the identities of the members themselves and gradually socialize them into violence
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