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comp_pset3_spring2008 - Computer PS#3#1 Scatterplot(heart...

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Computer PS #3 #1- Scatterplot (heart disease deaths vs. wine consumption) Open TA02_002 from the class web site. There is some evidence that drinking moderate amounts of wine helps prevent heart attacks. TA02_002 gives data on yearly wine consumption (liters of alcohol from drinking wine, per person) and yearly deaths from heart disease (deaths per 100,000 people) in 19 developed nations. (First column= wine consumption. Second column= heart disease deaths.) a) Make a scatterplot that shows how national wine consumption helps explain heart disease death rates. Remember, the more leftward column should be the x variable (explanatory) and the more rightward column should be the y variable (response). Title your scatterplot (include your name). Label both axes. Deselect the legend. Clear the gridlines. Choose “new sheet” as your chart location. b) Right click on a data point, select Add Trendline, and select Linear. Click on the Options tab (under Add Trendline option) and check display equation and display R- squared. Hit OK. Move the equation away from the data. Print your graph. c) There is a negative relationship between wine consumption and heart disease. How could you account for the relationship between wine consumption and heart disease in your scatterplot even if there is no causal relationship between the two variables (explain what the lurking variable might be)? Type your answer (in one sentence) onto your graph using the Text Box. (Click on the Drawing Toolbar (an “A” to the right of the ChartWizard). Options should appear at the bottom. Choose the Text Box (“A” in upper left hand corner of a sheet of paper). Then left click on the graph where you want to type something.)
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#2- Scatterplot and Regression Line 1) Open eg02_009 from the course web page. This is the data from the fat gain versus NEA increase example we did in class. 2) Verify that the data are in the correct order. The explanatory variable x (NEA activity) is in the first column, so the data are in the correct order. 3) Select both columns. Click the ChartWizard. Select (XY) Scatter. Hit Next twice and move to Step 3. 4) In Step 3, input appropriate labels for the axes. Title the scatterplot (include your name). Deselect the legend.
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comp_pset3_spring2008 - Computer PS#3#1 Scatterplot(heart...

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