Boomerang - Boomerang Interactions between the White House...

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Boomerang: Interactions between the White House and Congress Alison Tenenbaum Health care is a very sensitive subject amongst Americans, especially those who struggle to maintain or even get healthcare. The book Boomerang tells the story of President Bill Clinton’s attempts to pass health care reform in the United States after winning the presidency in 1992. This health care plan called for government sponsored and market based approach to healthcare reform and guaranteed health coverage for every American citizen, while at the same appealing to conservatives by not imposing new taxes on the American people. This plan was much of the basis of Clinton’s presidential campaign in 1992, and is held by many people to be amongst the factors that got him elected. Before the plan was announced, several types of reform were suggested, including market oriented reforms, single payer plans financed by taxes (much like Canada’ national health care), and a program called “pay or play”(Skocpol, pp.31-34). The market oriented reforms would include changes such as subsidies to help low income families get insurance, and limits on patients who were excluded due to pre-existing conditions, amongst other things. The single payer system is simpler in the sense that everyone would be guaranteed health care, and it would be provided for financially via general taxes. The “play or pay” program was a program where employers would either have to provide healthcare for employees, or pay into a system such as Medicare or Medicaid that would provide healthcare to those who needed it. In any case, Clinton used health reform as a means to stress the way government could be better, mainly by investing in people, making efforts to expand the economy, and assisting the middle class.
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From the White House or executive perspective, the passage of this act was essential because it had been touted as one of the reasons Clinton was elected. Bill Clinton’s experience with welfare reform as governor of Arkansas helped him a lot as did putting Hillary Clinton, the first lady, in charge. Being in this position put not only her charm but also her intelligence and ability to handle policy to the test. For the most part,
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Boomerang - Boomerang Interactions between the White House...

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