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PSY 100 - Lecture 10 - Psychology 100 Lecture 10 -...

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Psychology 100 Lecture 10 - Motivation and Emotion Chapter 11 November 12, 2007 I. Activating Behavior A. Instinct\Drive instinct - unlearned patterns of responding triggered by stimuli drive - mental state that occurs in response to an internal need B. Motivation = the initiation of behavior to obtain a goal 1.) Incentive Motivation - external “pull” - importance of learning what “pulls” someone to do something 2.) Achievement Motivation - success-seeking and accomplishment - culture plays a role Ex. Doctors 3.) Intrinsic Motivation - self-motivation - rewards tend to DECREASE behavior otherwise intrinsically motivated Ex. Pro Athletes - starts out as a fun game, add a paycheck and it just becomes a job C. Maslov ʼ s Hierarchy of Needs - we have many different and prioritized needs - Maslov was a humanist and attempted to classify needs with emphasis on priority - designed to predict what needs motivated different people - built like a triangle starting with Physiological needs at the bottom with Safety, Belongingness and Love, Esteem, and Self Actualization stacked towards the top
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II. Biological Needs - Hunger and Eating
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PSY 100 - Lecture 10 - Psychology 100 Lecture 10 -...

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