Feb_20-_22 - Josquin Desprez (1440-1521) • A composer...

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Josquin Desprez (1440-1521) A composer from the renaissance o What was reborn in the renaissance? Ave Maria (2/22) o A beautiful imperfect consonances (triads) o Beautiful musical lines o Beautiful textures (the variety of them) o All of these features make the music physically beautiful o Perfect consonance makes the music sound beautiful J. S. Bach (1685-1750) o The greatest composer in western history o A baroque composer, but modest in his outlook on life o He worked the “regular jobs” of the musician: court organist, court conductor, town music director. o Why would someone with this humble outlook compose such elaborate music? For the glory of God o Imagine Baroque Architecture…crazy lines, decorations, colors, ext. o Music: harp, voice, chorus, things going on everywhere o Bach was a Lutheran: less emphasis on confession (more emphasis on the person’s relationship with god) (but enjoyed drinking beer and procreation (20 kids)) Cantata 140 “enter real title” (wake up) (2/23) by Bach Lutheran church cantata
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Feb_20-_22 - Josquin Desprez (1440-1521) • A composer...

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