PSY 100 - Lecture 13

PSY 100 - Lecture 13 - Psychology 100 Lecture 13...

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Psychology 100 Lecture 13 - Psychological Disorders Chapter 14 December 3, 2007 I. What Is Abnormal Behavior? A. Deviance 1.) Statistical Deviance = when a very infrequent behavior out of the norm occurs Ex. Waving old man, Many piercings 2.) Four Components of Abnormal Behavior 3.) Cultural Deviance = breaks the established rules of a culture Ex. Stealing toilet paper, Cell phones in the Amish country B. Dysfunction = breakdown in normal adaptive functioning Ex. Driver--->Old Man--->Yell C. The “Medical Model” = a way of looking at diseases and picking the right treatment - belief = abnormal behavior is a symptom of an underlying condition - cure = ±x the problem with an appropriate therapy - Labeling (Rosenham Study) - there are risks with the medical model - once a disorder is determined = label ( stigma ) II. DSM-IV = the diagnostic and statistical manual used to diagnose mental disorders III. Anxiety Disorders A. Generalized Anxiety Disorder = excessive and chronic worrying, lasts more than 6 months with no speci±c cause
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PSY 100 - Lecture 13 - Psychology 100 Lecture 13...

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