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PSY 100 - Lecture 11 - Psychology 100 Lecture 11 -...

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Psychology 100 Lecture 11 - Personality Chapter 12 November 9, 2007 I. Conceptualizing and Measuring Personality A. Defned = the pattern of psychological characteristics that differentiate individuals form others and leads them to act consistently across situations B. Trait Theories - trait = a predisposition to act or behave in a certain way - Characteristics 1.) Look for stable differences in people 2.) Give large groups of people personality tests and surveys 3.) Look for trends (warm, kind, and trusting cluster together) 4.) Type A Personality vs. Type B Personality - Type A = ambitious, competitive, hostile, and striving - Type B = agreeable, cautious, and honest - The Big “5” Trait Theory - Extroversion - life of the party, sociable, fun loving - Agreeableness - very warm, trusting, and able to get along with - Conscientiousness - very ethical, dependable, and productive - Neuroticism - anxious, insecure, and paranoia - Openness - daring, nonconforming, and ready to try new things - Allport ʼ
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PSY 100 - Lecture 11 - Psychology 100 Lecture 11 -...

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