01 - Laboratory Exercise Number 1 Getting Started with...

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Laboratory Exercise Number 1 Getting Started with Matlab Background: This laboratory exercise is intended to begin our introduction to programming in Matlab, its Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and its ability to draw graphs based on an equation. (As a sneaky side issue, this lab period will also help you learn the names of your instructor and teaching assistants and perhaps some of the other students in the lab section. ...) Assignment: Enter and run the program listed on the next page. See the first addendum of this lab exercise for detailed instructions for entering this first program. Most of what you will do for the rest of the semester will follow these steps so be sure to focus on them. See the final addendum for a description of the theory (unconstrained bacterial growth) behind the exercise. Some of the steps today may at first be done by rote rather than understanding. For now, the objective of the exercise is to do “something” that helps you get started with Matlab code, the Matlab IDE (Integrated Development Environment), and the Riley-Robb lab computers. However, Matlab is based on English so the code should be sufficiently readable that you can figure out from step to step what the program is doing. Matlab syntax is somewhat less mysterious than the syntax of some other computer languages. Suggestion!!!! Study the code and understand the steps being taken, even if some of the syntax appears mysterious at first. A hint to start is that the % symbol denotes the following text is a comment meant only for you, not the computer. You will notice a great deal of explanatory notes with the code - known to the cognizant programmer as “comments”. You will be required to add comparable comments to your code to make it understandable to others, and even to yourself after you have not seen it for several days! To Do For Laboratory Exercise Number 1: Type the program into Matlab and make sure it runs. Don’t forget that Matlab is case-sensitive! To submit online: 1. The m-file containing your first program, and 2. The fig-file with the resulting graph.
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% <enter your name here - don't just type this text, and don’t include brackets!> % <type here the file name you give your program, such as . .. 151Lab01.m> % BEE 151: Introduction to Computer Programming
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01 - Laboratory Exercise Number 1 Getting Started with...

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