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Unformatted text preview: You also know, from unpublished data, that genes D and E assort independently. Draw a map of these genes, showing distances in map units wherever possible. Is there any evidence of interference? First, reduce the 2 crosses to a simple trihybrid. Since C and E in first cross, and B and D in second cross can't exhibit any recombination, they can be ignored. Looking at double cross overs (least frequent class), realize that B must be between A & D, and C must be between A & E. From cross 1, can determine RF between A&B and B&D: AB: (126+144+14+16)/1000*100% = 30 mu BD: (34+36+14+16)/1000*100% = 10 mu From cross 2, can determine RF between A&C and C...
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