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Soc005 Study Guide #1 Definitions: (Chp 4) Biosphere: The surface layer of the planet and the surrounding atmosphere Ecosystems: The mechanism (plants, animals, and microorganisms) that supply ppl w/ the essentials of life. Environmental Justice: a movement to improve community environments by eliminating toxic hazards. Environmental Racism : The overwhelming likelihood that toxic-producing plants and toxic waste dumps are located where poor ppl, especially ppl of color,live. Environmental classism: the poor, b/c of dangerous jobs and residential segregation, are more exposed than the more well-to-do to environmental dangers. Greenhouse Effect: When gases accumulate in Earth’s atmosphere and act like the glass roof of a greenhouse, allowing the sunlight in, but trapping the heat that is generated. Culture: The knowledge (ideas, values, beliefs) that the members of a social org. share. Planned Obsolescence: Existing products are given superficial changes and marketed as new, making the previous products out of date. (Chp 2) Self Actualization: The assumed need (by Maslow) of individuals for creative and constructive involvement in productive, significant activity. *Sociological imagination:
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Soc005 Study Guide - Soc005 Study Guide #1 Definitions:...

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