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Practice Exam #1 Marketing Research (MKTG 342) True-False Questions 1. Since marketers' work will affect activities in other corporate departments, marketers need to take a cross-functional perspective. 2. In some instances, managers already possess enough information to make a sound decision without marketing research. 3. The task of marketing research is to specify and supply accurate information to reduce the uncertainty of decision-making. 4. The marketing concept can be summarized with three words: profits! profits! profits! 5. One disadvantage of single-source scanner data is that it is more likely to be available from small, family-owned stores. 6. The term data refers to facts or recorded measures of certain phenomena. 7. A quarterly accounting summary is an example of data, not information. 8. Any complete research proposal should include a schedule of how long it will take to conduct each stage of the research, but a statement of costs is not necessary since these will vary depending on what occurs during the fieldwork stage. 9. Exploratory research studies provide conclusive evidence to determine a particular course of action. 10. If the National Rifle Association conducts a survey on gun control using its own letterhead, it is likely that auspices bias will occur. 11. The ideal size for a focus group is 3 to 4 people. 12. A pilot study is an informal exploratory investigation that is carried out to serve as a guide for a larger study. 13. To ensure the research objective is achieved, focus groups follow a highly structured format. 14. A concept test is an indirect means of questioning that enables the respondent to "project" beliefs and feelings onto a third party, onto an inanimate object, or into a task situation. 15. Interpreting word association tests is highly subjective.
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16. Researchers should be willing to do cross-checks of data from multiple sources to determine the similarity of independent projects. 17. Obtaining secondary data is almost always faster and less expensive than collecting primary data. 18. Secondary data sources can be classified as controllable and uncontrollable. 19. Data mining refers to the practice of maintaining customer databases with relevant data on individual customers as well as demographic and financial data. 20. We can always compare disposable income between different countries using available global secondary data. 21. Mail questionnaires are relatively low in cost compared with shopping mall interviews. 22. Willingness to participate in a personal interview varies considerably around the world. 23. The systematic over reporting of the consumption or purchase of a new product with a positive
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2005Pexam1 - Practice Exam #1 Marketing Research (MKTG 342)...

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