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Unformatted text preview: 8/27/08 Replica Plating Clicker Question 111 A trp auxotroph can grow on A.minimal medium. B.minimal medium plus amino acids. C.complete medium. D.both 2 and 3. E.1, 2, and 3. 1 8/27/08 Clicker Question 112 F+ cells A.can conjugate with F cells. B.can transfer bacterial genes to F cells. C.have the F plasmid incorporated into the bacterial chromosome. D.carry bacterial genes on the F plasmid. E.All of the above. Clicker Question 113 Which of the following F factors can transfer chromosomal DNA? A.F+ B.F- C.F D.Hfr E.(C) and (D) 2 8/27/08 Fig. 69 Misleading? Clicker Question 114 In an Hfr x F mating, if the order of transfer of loci is leu azi ton lac, one can conclude that A. leu is adjacent to lac. B. leu is adjacent to the point of origin. C. the next transferred locus will be gal. D. there are five time units between azi and ton. E. All of the above. 3 8/27/08 Clicker Question 115 To map three genes in E. coli, interrupted conjugation was used. The donor genes appeared in the recipient as follows: azi at 9 minutes, leu at 6 minutes, and pro at 12 minutes. Which gene is in the middle? A.azi B.leu C.pro D.cannot be determined Clicker Question 116 If two loci cotransform frequently, A.they are both on the same plasmid. B.they are both carried by the same phage DNA molecule. C.they are closely linked. D.they are on the same chromosome but more than 50 map units apart. E.they are unlinked. 4 8/27/08 Clicker Question 117 In a gene mapping experiment, DNA from a strain that is gal+ pro+ lac+ is transformed into an E. coli that is gal- pro- lac-. Some resulting transformants are gal+ lac+ and some are pro+ lac+, but no transformants are gal+ pro+. Which gene is in the middle? A.gal B. lac C.pro D. cannot be determined Growing Bacteriophages 5 8/27/08 Clicker Question 118 Seymour Benzer showed that he could map the structure of a gene by observing recombination events between mutations. Frequent recombination between two mutations on a single gene indicated that the mutations were _______ on the gene, whereas infrequent recombination between two mutations indicated that the mutations were _________________ on the gene. A.close together, far apart B.far apart, close together 6 ...
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