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5/10/07 Week Six Outline Lecture Eleven—The Assimilation of Buddhism in China Key Focus: 1) What historical preconditions paved the way for Buddhism’s assimilation into post-Han China? 2) What challenges did early Buddhist apologists encounter in their attempts to reconcile Buddhist teachings with Confucian and Taoist values? I) The Post-Han Scene a) The Discrediting of Han Confucianism by 2 nd century C.E. i) Two-tiered peasant based society ii) Heaven revoking its mandate for the Han (1) The double-edged sword of the “theory of correspondence” b) Yellow Turban Revolt in 184 (occurred in many corners of the empire) i) Promminent provincial leaders like CaoCao and Lin Bei - Daoist inspired ii) Romance of the Three Kingdoms or Sanguo Yanvi (1) Heroes such as Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang, etc. -provincial militias instead of the army. -eventually successful (2)Disintegration of the empire into Three Kingdoms in 200’s (3)Loss of the entire north to Hans in 311 c) Neo-Taoist Escapism i) Tao Tuanming’s “peach Blossom Spring” ii) Ming Sengshao, a Buddhist layman. iii) Resurgence of Taoist classics like the Lanci and Zhanges 311 the entire northern part of china is run over by Huns. Nomadic groups overrunning the north. They establish the tubaray (sp?) dynasty. Not an ethnic group dynasty. As a result of this invasion we see one of the largest exoduses of people flooding towards to south. In china there are two major rivers. Yellow river in north and Yangtze river in the south. In Chinese history, people centered around the yellow river. The south was sparsely populated, backwater of society, not politically and culturally advanced. But then
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mmw3lecture11 - Week Six Outline Lecture ElevenThe...

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