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Practice Exam #3 Marketing Research (MKTG 342) True-False Questions 1. A Likert scale may include several items to form an index. 2. In the formula Y = α + β X , Y represents the dependent variable. 3. To draw a regression line on a scatter plot diagram, you need to plot only two predicted values of Y. 4. The term mystery shopper refers to shoppers whose observed behavior is so unusual or bizarre that the observer finds it almost impossible to record what actually occurred. 5. Observing behavior patterns over a period of several weeks is extremely difficult and costly. 6. The psychogalvanometer is often used in conjunction with indirect observation. 7. The eye tracking equipment has improved technologically, and some modern machines use infrared light beams to track unconscious eye movements. 8. If we wish to perform an experimental procedure to test a new product under realistic market conditions, we might conduct test marketing. 9. Unlike survey researchers, experimental researchers do not face any ethical problems because experiments are scientific investigations. 10. Debriefing is the process of explaining all pertinent facts about the nature and purpose of the experiment to subjects before it begins so there will not be any ethical problems. 11. A history effect jeopardizing internal validity might be a group of subjects in the experimental group getting hungry or bored because of the long duration of the experiment. 12. The pretest-posttest control group is the classic experimental design and looks like this: Experimental group: ( R ) O 1 X O 2 Control group: ( R ) O 3 O 4 13. Nonresponse error may cause the sample to be less than perfectly representative because the actual sample is drawn from a population different from or smaller than the ideal population. 14. There are two major alternative sampling plans: probability techniques and systematic techniques. 15. Speed of data collection, lower costs, and convenience are the major advantages of quota sampling. 16. Placing names in a fishbowl and selecting sample elements from this bowl is an example of convenience sampling. 17. The following question is an example of a semantic differential: How important was climate in your decision to visit San Diego? Very Fairly Not so Not at all important important important important 18. The following scale is a semantic differential scale: Modern_:_:_:_:_:_:_:_Old-fashioned
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19. A Stapel scale is a measure of attitudes that consists of a single adjective in the center of an even number range of numerical values. 20. An interval scale has an absolute zero.
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2005Pexam3 - Practice Exam #3 Marketing Research (MKTG 342)...

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