mmw3lecture7 - Week Four Outline Lecture SevenThe Expansion...

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Week Four Outline Lecture Seven The Expansion of Islam Key Focus of last lecture: 1) Socio-political setting of pre-Islamic Arabia 2) Muhammad’s challenge to Meccan oligarchy Key Question today: 1) How did the umma try to address the challenges if its own rapid success and expansion? I) Islam after the Death of the Prophet a) Muhammad’s Last Sermon i. The unity of the umma. . ii. Message of tolerance and acceptance b) The Problem of Leadership i. Why did Muhammad not appoint a successor? Why didn’t Muhammad name a successor? His power comes directly from God, as the messenger of God. He cannot have the authority to pass own his power his the power was give him from God. It would have been contradictory to his own rule to name a successor. We see throughout history that rulers that do not appoint a successor usually does not end well for the country because there will be fights over who would rule. ii. Contest between Medimans and Meccans iii. The election of Abu Baker and Khalifa. “Khalifa” means the deputy of the prophet. He is called the “deputy” not anything like King or Emperor. (GET THE CD ROM OR GO TO HERBSTS WEBSITE AND PRINTOUT THE SHORT READINGS THAT ARE ASSIGNED 10 pages). He was very diplomatic to acknowledge the Medimans contributions to the faith, He gave them reassurance. c) First Four Khalifas0 First three all came from Mecca. Authority comes from proximity to profit. (similar to china, close to the zhou line). i. Abu Bakr ii. Umar iii. Uthman- he is richer. Prior to Islam people ere dominated by Oligarchy. He was uncharismatic. He did not inspire confidence or support. This was an invitation for people to challenge him. He was killed by a faction that was more loyal to Muhammad’s blood line. Uthman was killed and the next Khalifa was Ali.
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mmw3lecture7 - Week Four Outline Lecture SevenThe Expansion...

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