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mmw3lecture6cont - Formation of the Imma a community based...

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I) Formation of the Imma a) community based on common faith not blood i) community based on common faith not blood. Muhammad felt like there might be problems withim b) The Five Pillars, the tenets of a comminity East of the pillar seems to support solidarity. How to keep this community of faithfuls together i) “there is no good but allah and Muhammad is His messesger” Muhammad is the last of the prophets. Willingness to subject to god. Islam means submission to god. Muslim definition = one who willingly submits to God. Second pillar is the prayer. In the reading we know that Muslims are pray five times a day. Usually they are called to prayer by a Muezzin. In Islam there I sno professional clergy, there is no priesthood. There is no such thing as “islamic monks.” This religion is not separate from daily life, it is completely intrinsic with the daily life of its followers. It didn’t make sense to have a professional clergy that is separate common people.
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