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mmw3lecture4 - Week Two Outline Lecture FourThe Unique...

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04/12/06 Week Two Outline Lecture Four—The Unique Challenge of Christianity Key Points from last lecture: 1) The shift from a republican to imperial system of government 2) The challenges of managing such a centralized system a. Politically—problem with succession b. Socially—welfare programs; means of diversion c. Religious—the establishment of state cults d. Legally— Pax Romana —the extent and uniformity of Roman law (the e.g. of Paul) Key questions for this lecture: 1) What unique characteristics made Christianity such a persistent and virulent threat to the integrity of the Roman system? 2) How did the ethical teachings of Jesus evolve into institutionalized dogma? No distinction of what province you live in. you can live very far and still be protected. Paul is a very telling example of the protection of the Roman law. Why the ethical teachings of Jesus turned into a dogmatic church. Paul was particularly insistent that his new faith of his was totally in line with Judaism. It wasn’t a radically new thing but part of the tradition. Romans always felt more secure when something is part of tradition and custom. Paul really stressed this point. The unique challenge of Christianity. What was somewhat misleading was that this new fath was not part of some internal dispute, but it was. I) new interpretation of tradition a) The theological Debate within Judaism i) serious factionalism within Judaism (1) Pharisees Accurate interpretators of the Torah. Jesus felt that their interpretation was too literal. (2) Rabbis like jesus b) The Writing of the Gospels i) “Synoptic” gospels- Mathew, mark, and luke. Synoptic in that they share many similar views. They all attempt to provide some kind of biographical information about jesus, they all have the motivation to spread the gospel. Theological, stay within Judaic tradition. ii) Gospel of John focus much more on mystical issues. Emphasis of Jesus being son of God.
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