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Get the notes online**** I) The Necessity of Centralized Empire? a) Civil Was in 1 st century BCE i) Gracchi Reforms j) Marms cs. Sulla k) The Two Triumvirates b) Hada’s argument that shift to imperial rule was inevitable and necessary Endless civil war, something needed to change. The republician system couldn’t suffice. The provinces were pretty much mismanaged. i) Provinces mismanaged ii) Armies unreliable iii) Senates incompetent and corrupt (1) example of Juartha, king of Numidia in North Africa so much pressure on the inhabitants for taxes. there was no uniform standard, up to the whim of each governor to see how often and how much he wanted to tax. Rebel jugurtha escaped, he kept bribing the romans to let him go. iv) Size of the expanding empire necessitated some form of centralized rule Julius Caesar and Pompeii, strong military leaders. II) From Octavian to Augustus a) centralized autocracy i) Julius caesar’s mistake Octavian is part of the second truimviate. Once he defeats mark Anthony, he has extreme contrl over romes armed forces. There he is on the ucsp of history on the same. But he learns important lessons from Julius caesars mistake, he does not openly mock the senate. He plays it up. Octavian goes to the senate and graciously surrenders his power to the senate. But it was just stage drama, at this pt, all of the senate was loyal to Octavian, he picked the members of the senates himself. All the senate is “begging him to assume more power” they ended up giving him more power than even Julius Caesar had! They give him the title of “precept” which means first citizen. This gives him moral prestige when it came to ethical authority. This did not exist before. He has atotal control on religion as “chief priest.” He assumes the title of augustis, a semi-divine nomenclature. The new name means “revered one.” b) ii) He tried to circumvent all the corruption and nepotism that existed in the old roman system, especially in the senate. He recruited a whole new breed of people to function in the bureacy. All from different places and different classes except for the aristocracy. He wanted to ensure that this bureacy will be solely loyal to him and to the interest of the
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mmw3lecture3 - Get the notes online* I) The Necessity of...

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