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Riboswitches ( trp operon) Makes use of secondary structures of RNA (hairpins) to control transcription There are two tandem trp codons in region 1: UGG UGG o Low tryptophan: ribosome stalls 2:3 hairpin forms because 1 is occupied by the ribosome Anti-termination o High tryptophan: ribosome does not stall Sequences 3 and 4 pair
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Unformatted text preview: ! ribosome falls off Termination • This theme is recapitulated in many other a.a. biosynthesis in Escherichia coli , and this phenomenon is called attenuation o his: 7 tandem His codons o pheA : 7 Phe codons: FFFAFFFTF o leu : 4 tandem Leu codons o thr : 11 tandem Ile and Thr codons … and Ilv, Leu, Val and Ile codons...
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