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Cooc  1 Andy Cooc SID: 19802471 March 11, 2008, 7:00-8:00 P.M., 2060 VSLB Integrative Medicine Workshop Microbicides- Treating AIDS in Africa by Alex Cox There is a new hope for prevention of sexual and reproductive health illnesses and it is called microbicides. They are vaginal gel which gives women the chance to protect themselves during sexual activity. Microbicides can have an impact in society which can protect people from HIV. It also offers women the opportunity to have control to take care of themselves without the men making the decision. I agree that people should be offered this new product because instead of condoms, microbicides is another option of prevention of diseases. In areas such as Africa, men often do not use condoms and even if they do have HIV they are reluctant of using it. Women are forced into carrying these sexual diseases and become pregnant. These women have no say in whether or not to use a condom for sex. I disagree on the reluctant use of condoms in Africa because the men are spreading the disease even if they know they have the diseases.
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Unformatted text preview: However, in their society, men make all the decision. In order to stop the spread of HIV, microbicides can be a solution. Women can use it like a condom, and this can stop HIV. If they want to be pregnant, there are microbicides that allow them to get pregnant without the spread of HIV. But only 2% of the budget towards AIDS prevention goes to research on microbicides and they need more money to develop microbicides to bring it to the market. I agree that more money should be contributed towards research in microbicide development because this new vaginal gel is not out in the market yet. Women should be given the power and option to regulate during sex with or without their partners consensus. I also agree that more people should be educated about microbicides because not much people are aware of this effective product. This product can have a major impact in the society if it comes out to the market....
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