Juno Extra Credit - Cooc 1 Andy Cooc Sociology 301 June 9,...

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Cooc  1 Andy Cooc Sociology 301 June 9, 2008 Extra Credit Report Juno “I just see a lot of teenage mothers come through here and it's obviously a poisonous environment to raise a baby in” claims the ultrasound technician. Teenage childbearing was the main concept of the movie. Juno, who was a sixteen year old junior in high school, had the option of delivering the baby or even choosing to get an abortion. The movie shows the difficult choices she had to handle due to the stigma associated with pregnancy. She had to drag her belly around everywhere she goes, which she claims to be as huge as the size of a planet. Having a baby means sacrifices must be made. Although, she scheduled an appointment to get an abortion she decided that she would deliver the baby and give the baby up for an adoption. The parents of Juno were astonished at first, but supported Juno’s choice and assisted her throughout her period of pregnancy. Paulie Bleeker, the father of Juno’s child, also supported Juno’s decisions. The lucky and married couple would be Mark and Vanessa Loring who were excited to adopt the child. However, Juno’s life became complicated as she was confused searching for love with Paulie Bleeker. A shocking twist unraveled as Juno discovers that Mark and Vanessa Loring were getting divorced. Juno’s plan of giving the baby a perfect life was shattered. However, the divorce did not stop Vanessa Loring from her dream of raising a child as with Juno who was still willing to give the baby to Vanessa Loring for adoption. The tension between Juno and Paulie
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Juno Extra Credit - Cooc 1 Andy Cooc Sociology 301 June 9,...

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