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Language Wednesday Dec 5

Language Wednesday Dec 5 - Language birth Languages have...

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Language birth - Languages have been dying rapidly, but not being “born” at the same rate - How are new languages created & why should we care? - Pidgins and creoles - Signed language - University of language SVO, simple & regular grammar, cardinal vowels – a, e, i, o, u What are pidgins & creoles? 1. Pidgins are simplified languages that are used for communication across different language groups a. Used (Initially) for business b. Simplified grammar c. Lexicon mostly from one language, morpho-syntax from another 2. Creoles are created when children are raised speaking a pidgin and no other language a. Has native speakers b. Full grammar… fully systematic grammar system Social Context of pidgins Situations of extreme power differential 1. A powerful group speaks one language that the powerless group does not have access to 2. A powerless group speaks multiple languages and is thus unable to maintain a single heritage language The super-stratum is the language of the powerful group (usually European languages like English, French, or Portuguese.)
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  • Fall '08
  • Creole language, Pidgin, Hawaiian Pidgin, powerless group, University of language, Language birth Languages

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