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Attribution theory: Critical way of looking at the judgments we make C. 4. False-Consensus Effect a. Tendency to overestimate commonality of one’s opinions, beliefs attributions and behavior b. People ignore consensus info in a favor of self-generated attributions-> believe their behavior is “typical” 5. Confirmation Bias: Tendency to search for information that confirms our D. Schematic Reasoning Jean Piaget 1. Schema : Mental set used to organize information about the social world DAVID ROSENHAN- PROFESSOR OF LAW- 1970’S ON BEING SANE IN INSANE PLACES- took 12 people that had no history of mental disorders- depression schizophrenia- admitted them to mental hospitals in the Bay Area. None of the staff could tell that the people didn’t have a mental disorder. Schema biased them and made them misinterpret. Whistler, journal- scribblers. SCHEMA IS ANSWER
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