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E s678 Shakespeare Professor Loehlin Othello Iago uses his cleverness in convincing Othello that Desdemona is cheating on him. Othello has strong trust in the woman he loves when the idea of cheating is first mentioned and undermines his instinct to believe the rumor immediately as seen in 3.3.187 ‘not from mine own weak merits will I draw the smallest fear or doubt of her revolt. For she had eyes, and chose me’ Othello was very pleased that a woman of Desdemona’s caliber chose him, being a black man. Iago suggests to Othello that he simply check out his wife’s behavior towards cassio in order to get the idea planted in his mind so he can later convince him with ease. He also makes Othello aware as an outsider that he may not know the way women of Venice are in their romantic dealings. 3.3.201 ‘I know our country disposition well: In Venice they do let [god] see the pranks they dare not show their husbands; their best conscience is not to leave it undone, but to keep’t unknown. Iago uses lies to gain Othello trust through his convincing of cassio’s cheating with Desdemona. 3.3.216. ‘I hope you will consider what is spoke comes from [my] love’. 3.3.226 ‘long live she so! And long live you to think so!’ Slowly Othello realizes he is out of place and perhaps is being played and what he considered to be the greatest thing to ever happen to him was simply too good to be true. Othello is very upset to hear of Cassio’s dream and how he kissed Iago in bed. 3.3.432 ‘Ill tear her all too pieces’ Iago plays a perfect role here by telling Othello to not be so alarmed due to the fact that this is not yet visual evidence which just makes him want to know more. 3.3.433 ‘nay, yet be wise, yet we see nothing done; she may be honest yet’ Othello changes drastically when he hears of the handkerchief that Iago mentions to him. 3.3.445 ‘all my fond love thus do I blow to heaven. ‘Tis gone. Arise black vengeance, from the hollow hell’. Iago has shown his loyalty with evidence of handkerchief and in return Othello foolishly 3.3.479 ‘now art thou my lieutenant’. Iago waits for the right moment and then tells Othello that Cassio has slept with Desdemona and Othello seems
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Shakespeare Final Essay - E s678 Shakespeare Professor...

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