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TIMETABLE FOR SEMESTER I, 2008/2009 Module Coordinator: A/P Tan Tin Wee Email: [email protected] Tel: 96640347; 65163566 LECTURES: MONDAYS PRACTICALS: MONDAYS TIME: 1000 – 1200 hrs TIME/VENUE: S13-04-16 S13-04-14 VENUE: LT26 1400-1600hrs Group A Group B 1600-1800hrs Group C Group D WK MONTH LECTURES MONDAYS PRACTICALS MONDAYS 0. Aug Orientation Week - No classes (Mon 4 Aug to Sat 9 Aug 2008) 1. Aug 11 L1 Chapter1: Why Bioinformatics? (TTW/LO) 11 P1 Bioinformatics and the Internet: developing effective search strategies (TAs) 2. 18 L2 Chapter2: Exploring genomes (LO) 18 P2 Understanding and using sequence and other biological databases (TAs) 3. 25 L3 Chapter3: Bioinformatics tools and techniques (VT) 25 P3 Understanding and using bioinformatics software (TAs) 4. Sep 01 L4 Chapter4: A survey of biological databases (CB) 01 P4 Mining biological databases to solve a research question (TAs) 5. 08 L5 Chapter5: Principles of sequence alignment
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