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05.09.18 - I Just Wanna Be Average

05.09.18 - I Just Wanna Be Average - Audience The audience...

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I Just Wanna Be Average – Mike Rose Thesis:  While only exposed to a small piece of this essay, I believe that rather than a thesis this story has  more of a slant or a purpose.  That being to show that there are, even in the seemingly darkest  places, things of beauty that are to be treasured. Author’s Purpose: To share with the reader a part of life’s darker side.  Rose goes to great lengths to bring out some  very graphic images, but writes them little or no emphasis.  The intent is to paint a very dark  backdrop around the life he led as child.
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Unformatted text preview: Audience: The audience in this segment is very broad. I think the reading is open to interpretation from all angles. If it is targeting anyone it would be those who over turn the rocks in society to study the nature of life in a bleak world. Comments: I found the writing very engaging. The element of the story that caught my attention was the narrator’s innocence. He seems to approach things with a loving attitude that the people around him, clearly seem to lack. Even his father has trouble seeing it....
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