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PS2key - l l 4X/r cozMe c-q:r l r lo tl-B 2 Thefollowing...

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keY Chemistry L52 Fall,2007 Recitation Problem Set 2 September 10,2007 (John Stanko - Recitation Instructor) 1. Draw the structure of the major organic product for each of the following reactions. Be sure to indicate stereochemistry where appropriate. 1a)+| \-/ i-,..A.o,"n. 1j BA.^: \ Ca2cr*3 9Hs 3 l cHe HBr (1 equiv) cHs / ry) -"or"n.
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Unformatted text preview: ( ( l l 4X-*/r/ cozMe c-q:r l . r \ \ ( lo* tl-.{-B. 2. Thefollowing two products were prepared using the Diels-Alder reaction. What were the reacting partners for each? Sr Qh ?x #=" 3. Be prepared to discuss problems 1-4from the Supplemental Spectroscopy Problem Set. <eq o+{na,r=hq"t...
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