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wk_11_questions - music video According to the documentary...

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Music 101 Study Questions Week 11: Women and Music Video In order to answer the study questions below, you will need to see Professor Sut Jhally’s  documentary  Dreamworlds  on women in the music video.   The documentary will be  screened during Tuesday’s lecture and will be placed on reserve in the music library  afterwards. Informational Questions (1) When did MTV begin? Name the first video to be shown on MTV. What was the  reasoning behind the creation of MTV and what was the channel’s target  audience? (2) Briefly describe some of the camera techniques used to film the female body in 
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Unformatted text preview: music video . According to the documentary, what are the broader implications of these kinds of filmmaking techniques for the representation of women in music video more generally? Conceptual Questions (3) What is the central argument being put forward in Dreamworlds ? Do you think the use of scenes depicting explicit sexual violence served the film’s overall argument well? Was it necessary to make the point? (4) Has watching the Dreamworlds documentary changed the way you think about music video? If so, why? If not, why not? Spring 2008 Spring 2008...
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