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wk_12_questions - it not 4 Guitarist Al Di Meola’s...

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Music 101 Discussion Questions  Week 12 Informational: 1. Name the genres of popular music which gave rise to rap and hip-hop music. How did  the earliest hip-hop MCs create the new style? 2. Why, according to Timothy Taylor, is Paul Simon both laudable and vulnerable to  criticism for his approach to  Graceland  and  Rhythm of the Saints ? Conceptual: Answer question 3 on world music and either  question 4 or  question 5 on rap and hip- hop. 3.  Consider the term  globalization , “ a trend toward homogeneity [but dominated by Euro-American mass culture] that will eventually make human experience everywhere essentially the same” (Encyclopedia Britannia).  In what ways does the rise of global pop/ world music and reggae dub reinforce this notion of homogeneity, and in what ways does 
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Unformatted text preview: it not? 4. Guitarist Al Di Meola’s assertion about rap and hip-hop that “it’s not music” probably now seems absurd to many people. Assess some of the arguments made, particularly in the sources presented in the readings from Brackett’s The Pop, Rock, and Soul Reader , against rap and hip-hop. What do you think is the basis and motivation for these arguments? Point to specifics in the listenings to support your opinions. 5. With particular reference to source no. 82 in Brackett (“Women in Rap”, pp. 424–431) and last week’s reading on women rap artists (“Sisters in the Name of Rap”), consider the contribution that women rappers have made to the genre....
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