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Chapter 1 outline - Chapter 1 I) A strategic approach to...

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I) A strategic approach to organizational behavior a. Objectives i. Define organizational behavior and explain the strategic approach to OB ii. Provide A formal definition of organization iii. Describe the nature of human capital iv. Discuss the conditions under which human capital is a source of competitive advantage for an organization v. Explain the five characteristics of high-involvement management and the importance of this approach to management. b. Exploring Behavior in Action i. Strategic use of human capital at the men’s wearhouses 1. Objectives a. Work should be fulfilling b. Workplaces should be fearless and energized c. Work and family life should be balanced. d. Leaders should serve followers e. Employees should be treated like customers f. People should not be afraid to make mistakes. 2. Analyst Surprise a. Industry is unstable in terms of profit margin i. Industry does not have strong barriers against entry ii. Firms do not have strong power over customers or suppliers iii. Firms are highly competitive b. Firm does not typically have access to workers who are among the elites in the U.S market. c. Basic Elements of Strategic Organizational Behavior i. Definition 1. Organizational Behavior involves the actions of individuals and groups in an organizational context. 2. Managing Organizational Behavior focuses on acquiring, developing and applying the knowledge and skills of people. ii. Premise 1. Strategic OB rests on the idea that people are the foundation of an organizations competitive advantage. 2. Involves organizing and managing the people’s knowledge and skills effectively to implement the organization’s strategy and gain a competitive advantage. iii.
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Chapter 1 outline - Chapter 1 I) A strategic approach to...

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