Chapter 9 Outline

Chapter 9 Outline - Chapter 9 I Lodging Meeting the Guests...

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Chapter 9 I) Lodging: Meeting the Guests Needs a. Purpose: i. Elucidate the evolution of lodging to fit transportation and destination patterns and individual guest preferences. ii. Delineate different types of lodging. iii. Explanation of different market segments in relation to their demographics as well as the demographic needs and expectations. iv. Understand the different aspect as well as impact of hotel rating criterion. II) The Evolution of Lodging a. History i. First Hotel boom came about during the middle ages with the development of stage coach routes connecting major cities. ii. American inns and taverns first came about during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They served as meeting places for colonists planning revolution. iii. First luxury hotels were in Europe and included the grand hotel in rome and the paris ritz. iv. First American luxury hotel was the Waldorf Hotel in New York City. b. Evolution of the Motel i. The Federal Road Aid Act of 1916 resulted in a new sector of lodging due to the addition of numerous properties along the new state and federal highways being constructed. ii. The first motel was built in San Luis Obispo, California in 1925. It cost $2.50 per night. iii. The owners, attendants and tenants of motels likened their comfort in the motels to the informal nature and ambiance. c. The Motor Hotel i. The first motor hotel was built by Kemmons Wilson. ii. The advent of the motor hotel created more amenities being offered in motels such as; dining rooms, coffee shops, cocktail lounges and meeting room that appealed to the business travelers. iii. Swimming pools became essential to the touring family, room telephones, television and color television became standard. iv. The smallest hotel motors were 100 rooms as this was considered to make economic sense. III) Classification of Hotel Properties a. Hotels Classified by Price i. Lodging properties can range from limited service hotels to full- service properties and up to luxury hotels. 1. Limited Service Hotels
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a. Typically offer guest rooms only. There is little or no public space, no meeting or function space and limited or no food or beverage facilities. b.
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Chapter 9 Outline - Chapter 9 I Lodging Meeting the Guests...

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