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Unformatted text preview: Music 101/American Studies 105 Popular Music in the United States Discussion Questions: Week 7 Informational: 1. As we read in both Garofalo and Brackett, Bob Dylans choice to incorporate rock instrumentation at the Newport Folk Festival provoked a storm of controversy. Why? To what extent could rock be considered a folk music at the time, and to what extent could it not be considered so? 2. Find as many rock festivals of the 1960s as you can. Youll find a good selection of these on Google, using the search term: rock festivals 1960s. Look up at least 5 of these. How did the acts compare to the acts at Woodstock and Altamont? How many people attended? Why, in retrospect, have Woodstock and Altamont commanded such historical importance? Conceptual: 1. What is Sound of Silence about? What is The Wind Cries Mary about? What is Sound of Silence about?...
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