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Music 101/American Studies 105 Popular Music in the United States Discussion Questions: Week 8 Informational: 1. What are the most important musical characteristics of funk?  You may wish  to refer to the article “Funk” in  Grove Online . 2. Why is the riff at the beginning of “Thank U (Falettin Me Be Mice Elf  Again)” significant in popular music history?    Conceptual: 1. Consider how James Brown and Sly Stone positioned themselves in relation  to the black power movement.  How were their approaches different, and how  was that reflected in their music and lyrics?  Was one more effective than the 
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Unformatted text preview: other? How is James Browns refusal to allow certain performers to sample his music (Vincent, 87) significant in this context? 2. What did George Clinton tell W.A. Brower in a unguarded moment (Brackett, 261)? How is that reflected in his musical projects and their accompanying mythologizing? (Optional: does P-Funk [or an offshoot] survive today? If so, how does it relate to the original forms?)...
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