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Week_5_Discussion_Questions - interrupted careers of the...

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Music 101/American Studies 105 Popular Music in the United States Discussion Questions: Week 5 Informational: What is meant by the term “wall of sound”? (Garofolo mentions it on p. 160 of  Rockin’ Out . He also refers you to the next chapter of book, which, however, does  not contain any more explanation of the term. Rather, on pp. 165–7, he discusses  record producer Phil Spector’s work with ‘Girl Groups’.)  Find two possible examples of a “wall of sound” in this week’s listening  examples. What does Garofolo (somewhat humorously) mean by “Schlock Rock’? Conceptual Popular music scholar Robert Walser writes in  Grove Music Online  that,  “Historians often characterize the early part of the [1960s] as a lull between the 
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Unformatted text preview: interrupted careers of the first rock and roll generation and the arrival of the ‘British Invasion’”. (Robert Walser, ‘Pop, §III: North America: 3. The 1960s’, Grove Music Online ). Without discussing popular music later in the decade (e.g. the ‘British Invasion’), compare that of the early 1960s with that of the 1950s. Consider the sound and image of the Beach Boys. What was new and significant about these which might counter the description of the early 1960s as experiencing a “lull”? (Refer to Garofolo, pp. 151–161. You may also wish to refer to the article by Rob Wegman on the Beach Boys in Grove Music Online .)...
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