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ORION wilderness experience - Jacob Knotts ORION Wilderness...

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Jacob Knotts October 1, 2007 ORION Wilderness Experience I have been backpacking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, and mountaineering for approximately fourteen years now and never have I had a better experience doing any of the aforementioned than I did with the Orion program. I found it amazing how the Orion program somehow found a way to combine challenges both physically, mentally, and socially and still make it an awesome experience. I think the Orion program was extremely successful in accomplishing its mission statement. Orion set out to help students “develop bonds with each other and the natural community” and it is here where they are most successful. I believe that the Orion program challenged our teamwork skills, brought our group spirit out of us, and created bonding experiences that will maybe last throughout our college careers here at Penn State. The program taught the participants of things such as effective communication, group management, and accomplishing group tasks. I think that one specific part of the program that most directly relates to real living in my opinion was group cooking. I am going to be living in an apartment next school year with four other guys and I think it is going to be extremely important to be able to manage who is going to be preparing meals on which nights, who is going to be washing the dishes and who is drying them, who cleans the bathroom which week, and so on. Orion specifically targeted this skill and helped participants gain a better understanding of these duties and how they worked in groups.
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ORION wilderness experience - Jacob Knotts ORION Wilderness...

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