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Unformatted text preview: Music 101/Am St 105 Popular Music in America Please give your top 3 choices (in order) for discussion section. We will attempt to place you in your first choice, and will make all placements on a first come/first served basis. (PLEASE NOTE: discussion sections WILL MEET during their scheduled times the first week of class.) Your name: Section 1 : Thursdays 1:252:15, 124 Lincoln Hall _____________ Section 2: Thursdays 2:303:20, 124 Lincoln Hall _____________ Section 3: Fridays 9:059:55, 140 Lincoln Hall _____________ Section 4: Fridays 10:1011:00, 140 Lincoln Hall _____________ Section 5: Fridays 1:252:15, 124 Lincoln Hall _____________ Section 6: Fridays 2:303:20, 124 Lincoln Hall _____________ Spring 2008 ...
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