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Music 101 Discussion Questions Week 3 Informational: For the informational questions this week, you don’t need to provide a mass of  detail, but you should put together a bulleted list for each of the questions, in  order to consider as full a range of influences as possible: o What technological, commercial, and social forces coalesced to give rise  to the big band?  (This is not to ignore stylistic changes in the music, but  to focus attention on the extra-musical context.) o What technological, commercial, and social forces coalesced to give rise  to the Indie label?   Conceptual: Listen to “Great Speckled Bird,” “The Wild Side of Life,” and “It Wasn’t God  Who Made Honky-tonk Angels”.  How does Thompson’s use of the melody add 
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Unformatted text preview: to, or subtract from, the song’s original lyrical meaning? How does Well’s version further alter the melody’s accumulated meaning? What other kinds of songs, including but also beyond Country, apply layers of meaning in similar ways? • Given bluegrass’s origins, how have bluegrass musicians established and traded on the notion of authenticity? (How would Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys have come across if they were wearing business suits on-stage?) How did the Memphis sound (e.g., “Walkin’ After Midnight”) alter Country’s portrayal of cultural authenticity, and why? In what ways was this a good idea and in what ways a bad one? Spring 2008...
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