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M usic 101/American Studies 105 Popular M usic in the United States Discussion Questions: W eek 6 Informational: W hat were the main contributions of Motown records to the popular music scene in the 60’s? The Rock ‘n’ roll movement lost its driving power by the end of the 1950’s, yet The Beatles’s music, in 1964, was easily embraced by the masses with their clear rock ‘n’ roll influence. W hy? W hat were the circumstances upon which the authentic versus com mercial debate
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Unformatted text preview: flourish in the 60’s? Conceptual • W hat does Garofolo mean by „Perhaps for all its folkiness, folk rock never lost sight of the sheer delight of rock entertainment…?” (p.191)? W hy does he see the “sheer delight of rock entertainment” as a shortcoming of folk rock? • W hat is the long lasting impact of “British invasion” on the popular music market in the US? Is it possible to think of its merits to the music market next to the damaging blow it caused?...
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