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Music 101/Am St 105 Lecture Schedule Tu 1/22 Introduction, Course themes Th 1/24 Minstrelsy – ragtime - TPA Tu 1/29 Technology and Tastes: theater, film, radio, records Th 1/31 Blues; jazz; classic blues Tu 2/5 Country Th 2/7 Swing Era; Indies, Changes in technology & culture Tu 2/12 Rhythm & Blues Th 2/14 Early Rock ‘n’ Roll Tu 2/19 In-class demonstration: Small-group groove, aesthetics: doo-wop & electric blues Th 2/21 Industrial & Social Reactions To Rock ‘n’ Roll & Pop Tu 2/26 Rhythm & Blues to Soul/Motown Th 2/28 British Invasion Tu 3/4 More 60s Trends Th 3/6 Hipness (protest, SF sound, counterculture)
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Unformatted text preview: Tu 3/11 Funk; gospel Th 3/13 In-class demonstration – funk grooves and arrangement style Tu 3/18 SPRING BREAK Th 3/20 SPRING BREAK Tu 3/25 Country: Memphis, Bakersfield, Austin Th 3/27 Punk Tu 4/1 Disco; Electronica Th 4/3 Electronica - metal Tu 4/8 Video and Music Th 4/10 TBA Tu 4/15 Reggae/ska/world music Th 4/17 Hip-hop & rap Tu 4/22 In-class demonstration: deejaying and sampling Th 4/24 Internet & marketing; reality shows; trends Spring 2008 Tu 4/29 New Country Th 5/1 Singer-songwriter; Grunge/Alt rock; course wrap-up Spring 2008...
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