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Orion goals - Reward Feel spiritually satisfied Spend $50...

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Jacob Knotts October 1, 2007 Goals for Fall 2007 Eat three square meals a day. I will go to breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will eat healthy at all these meals. I will find someone to go to each meal with. Reward: Dessert at dinnertime. Get involved in a PSU club. I will attend a club meeting regularly. I will go on club outings. I will try to get an executive position in a club. Reward: Finding people with similar interests. Go to Shabbat services once a month. I will get involved with Hillel. I will find a Jewish friend to go to services with. I will actively participate in the services.
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Unformatted text preview: Reward: Feel spiritually satisfied. Spend $50 dollars a week of my summer savings. I will limit my spendings per week. I will keep track out my expenditures. I will only load my Lion Cash once a week. Reward: $10 into a short time savings pot to use at the end of the semester. Attain a 3.6 GPA by the end of the semester. I will form good study habits. I will set aside certain hours per day for studying. I will not cram for exams. Reward: Equal play time for equal study time....
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