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Unformatted text preview: Changes in the industry changes in style Changes in the industry changes in style Musical theater revues and vaudeville Sheet music, practice, and compensation Recording techniques Musical theater In Dahomey, 1903 I wants to be a actor lady Star in a play Up on Broadway Spotlight for me, no back-row shady I'm the real thing, I dance and sing. Miss Carter she may play "DuBarry" But she can't sing "Good Morning, Carrie" I wants to be a actor lady, too Indeed I do! Florenz Siegfeld Vaudeville-styled revue Chorus line Production numbers Minstrelsy "Ethnic" comedians Sheet music industry Tin Pan Alley Song pluggers ASCAP (Amer. Soc. Of Composers, Authors, and Publishers) 1914 Sales and sales tracking Music Copyright A piece of music can generate five types of income: 1) performance royalties for public or live performance; 2) print royalties for the sale of printed music; 3) mechanical income for the right to make sound recordings (CDs, tapes); 4) commercial royalties for using the piece in background music; and 5) synchronization fees for use in movies, television programs, commercials, or videos. Recording industry Rapid growth after 1920 Acoustic horn vs. electronic microphone Rise of talking films Rise of radio Rise of jukebox industry Recording industry Crooning Bessie Smith Alexander's Ragtime Band, 1925 Bing Crosby If I Had You, 1934 Frank Sinatra My Funny Valentine, 1953 Changes in the industry changes in style Musical theater influenced (sometimes replaced) by developments in film industry Sheet music, practice, and compensation foregrounds composers as primary agent (this changes in the 1940s) Recording techniques make possible/necessitate changes in performing style ...
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