Great Outline - Mobile - Stars 1 limited 2 clean and...

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Mobile - Stars 1 limited 2 clean and comfortable 3 excellent - amenities 4 outstanding- all around service 5 best AAA - Diamonds 1 budget minded 2 more than basic - moderate price 3 comprehensive needs 4 upscale 5 ultimate 1st class Business processes are a logical collection of work that creates a product How does the hotel reach its product? Services (quality) Service quality: Intangibility- services are performances Heterogeneity- performances vary and will not be consistent Inseparability- production and consumption are inseparable (quality is at delivery service) requirements for quality service- elusive, indistinct also people are different (workers and customers) What are the five steps to treating customers like guests? 1. Making the guest feel welcomed and comfortable 2. Use their name when speaking to them 3. Take care of their needs 4. Invite them back 5. Thank them (smile) * establish credit with the guest Line Employee- regular or semiregular contact with guests Rooms div and food and bev div Hands on employees Staff Employee- little or no guest contact Support line emp Influence quality of stay Give structure to organizations ' Specialization- dividing the product into specialized tasks Overspecialization - tasks too narrow Departmentalization- grouping jobs into diff sectors (food prep and food serv) Authority- amount of authority given to individuals: 1. experience and personality of subordinates 2. Environment in which they work (stable/rapidly changing?) 3. the business strategy to be followed 4. management style 5. the struggle of power between line and staff emp Span of control- how many people work under a supervisor:
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Great Outline - Mobile - Stars 1 limited 2 clean and...

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