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P ENN S TATE G REAT V ALLEY M ASTER O F B USINESS A DMINISTRATION MSIS 510.101 – Statistical Analysis for Managerial Decision Making Instructor: Dr. G. Walter Wang Fall I, 2006 Telephone: 610-725-5351 Class Hours: Fax: 610-725-5224 Saturday 9 AM – 4 PM E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: Management Division Office: 610-648-3229 Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-6PM or by appointment Prerequisites: None Class Meeting Dates: Saturdays – 9/9 – 10/21/2006 Course Overview: Welcome to the Statistical Analysis for Managerial Decision Making (MS&IS 510) class. This course is designed to provide the MBA students with an exposure to the most commonly used statistical concepts, methods, techniques, and their applications to business problems. We cover the basic concepts of business statistics and data analysis integrated in a contemporary spreadsheet environment. The course emphasizes practical applications and business decision-making. Learning Objectives: After completing the course, a student will be able to: Identify business situations in which one can apply statistical analysis Match appropriate statistical methods to a variety of business situations Perform statistical analyses using appropriate tools (e.g., Minitab, Excel, etc.) and techniques (e.g., hypothesis testing) Interpret the results of statistical studies Communicate effectively the findings of statistical research Course Materials James R. Evans ( 2003), Essentials of Business Statistics , Prentice Hall. ISBN: 013- 046328-0. 1
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Assignments and Grading You will be assigned problems throughout the course. Some problems are to be done manually while others will be solved with the aid of computer. It is very important that you complete all the homework assigned each week in order to master the materials, keep up with the course schedule, and do well on the exam. There will be two in-class exams, each carrying 40% weight toward the final grade.
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This note was uploaded on 03/18/2008 for the course MSIS 510 taught by Professor Dr.g.walterwang during the Spring '08 term at Penn State.

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