Chapter7 homostatic imbalances

Chapter7 homostatic imbalances - HOMEOSTATIC IMBALANCE The...

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HOMEOSTATIC IMBALANCE The mastoid process is full of air cavities, the mastoid sinuses, or air cells. Its position adjacent to the middle ear cavity (a high-risk area for infections spreading from the throat) puts it at risk for infection itself. A mastoid sinus infection, or mastoiditis, is notoriously difficult to treat. Since the mastoid air cells are separated from the brain by only a very thin bony plate, mastoid infections may spread to the brain as well. Surgical removal of the mastoid process was once the best way to prevent life-threatening brain inflammations in people susceptible to repeated bouts of mastoiditis. Today, antibiotic therapy is the treatment of choice. There are several types of abnormal spinal curvatures. Some are congenital (present at birth); others result from disease, poor posture, or unequal muscle pull on the spine. Scoliosis (sko″le-o′sis), literally, “twisted disease,” is an abnormal lateral curvature that occurs most often in the thoracic region. It is quite common during late childhood, particularly in girls, for some unknown reason. Other, more severe cases result from abnormal vertebral structure, lower limbs of unequal length, or muscle paralysis. If muscles on one side of the body are nonfunctional, those of the opposite side exert an unopposed pull on the spine and force it out of alignment. Scoliosis is treated (with body
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Chapter7 homostatic imbalances - HOMEOSTATIC IMBALANCE The...

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