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1) Chief executive a) Has oversight with regards to the federal bureaucracy. The president is in charge of the federal government. b) Is constitutionally required to uphold federal law and to obey it himself “take care clause” is high crimes and mist meters. He can interoperate it different than what the courts meant. Very broad meaning c) He can be impeached or convicted for failing his constitutional responsibilities which is the “take care clause” This is open for interpretation d) He has the power to issue pardons and reprieves which are an express power with almost no restrictions. A federal crime can be totally let off clean for life which is called a pardon. A reprieve is a temporary postponement of execution. e) He has the power to nominate people to serve in key government positions (plum book directory) which are listings of positions that the president can control.
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Unformatted text preview: About 15 of these jobs are subject to senate confirmation. 2) Commander and chief (role that the president has most power over) a) Does not have the power to officially declare war on another country. Congress has to approve to officially declare war. President can start a conflict not a war, and get congress on his side by a resolution. b) He can dispatch troops into combat with out congressional consent c) War powers act -1793- attempt to limit the presidents war making power (congress can do this) was used last in 1983 at Lebanon. i) Requires a written justification sent to congress within 48 hours from the president (congress can vote to accept or reject his justification) ii) 60 day time limit for complete withdraw of forces with a possible 30 day extension d) Congress can refuse to authorize funding for military operations 3) Chief legislator...
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